Sip Your Way Into The Fall With Winc’s Light-Bodied Reds


American’s have been seeking out big, bold and juicy wines for the last 10 years, but a new fashion trend is emerging with younger millennials. The new generation of wine drinkers look for both alternative grapes and regions, and alternative styles.

As they to continue to embrace experimentation and exploration glass by glass, lighter reds have now become the new status symbol. The best part, these alt reds are delicious. Don’t worry about what to pair with these wines they are great with the ultimate food-friendly fall dish—simple, but delicious roast chicken.

Check out these light-bodied reds from Winc


The Original
2015 Objet d’Art Pinot Noir, Kick On Vineyard
Pinot Noir is the OG orginal light red celebrated by collectors and novices a like. More delicate than a Cab or Shiraz, but still packs a mouthful of bright cherry flavors and a beautiful texture. Where a dark Cab warms your core and slows you down, Pinot and the light red category, in general, tend to have energy and pop. This wine is punchy and youthful making it fun to drink.

The Rarity
2015 Field Theory Blaufränkisch
An Alternative style and an alternative grape. What could be better? This project is all about curious grapes from far away places which hits squarely in this trend. A true rarity at a great price, this Blaufranskisch is an Austrian grape with only a few acres planted in California. With it’s light body black cherry, fresh picked raspberry and tobacco laves it reminds me of a frankenstein blend between to of my favorite styles Pinot Noir and Syrah.

The Technique
2015 Supercluster® Touriga Nacional
There is a winemaking technique that is often deployed by natural winemakers and also winemakers focused on the lighter more tense styles of wine. It’s called “carbonic maceration” or whole cluster fermentation. What they do is take the whole cluster of grapes (instead of normally removing stems and crushing) and throw it in a tank. The grapes start a mini-fermentation inside each whole berry that ultimately explodes. This technique creates a wine style that is great to drink young and they often have a little sappy, sweetness to their flavor and tart pink grapefruit on the finish.

The Underground Hit
2015 Brethren of the Road
This lost grape has become the new favorite of the independent DIY winemaking movement in California. For years, it has been planted in CA but has only been recently that great winemakers have started to unlock the potential of Valdiguié by focusing on high quality, single variety winemaking of this grape. The wine is light and zippy, great for those who like Rosé and fresh whites. Its freshness is framed with strawberry jam, hints of rhubarb and baking spice.

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