Tate Kobang Explains Why He’s Baltimore’s Next Big Thing In Hip-Hop

Baltimore, Maryland has been fairly quiet on the hip-hop front. But that’s starting to change–thanks to rookie rapper, Tate Kobang. The 24-year old father of two is on a mission to share his coming-of-age story about being raised in East Baltimore’s trenches.

When inside the booth, the former saxophone player is armed with a crisp, and sharp flow as well as extreme hunger in his voice. Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Method Man, Mr. Cheeks, Gucci Mane and Nelly, Kobang waxes poetically about his past life as a homeless teen and moving pieces of crack cocaine, making for a perfect blend of raw authenticity raps dipped in catchy hooks.

“That’s how I was brought up as far as the music. I came up listening to the Mr. Cheeks, Method Man and Lauryn Hill, and that’s still my shit.  Honestly, the only time I listen to any other music is when I’m in the club. That’s because I ain’t got no choice,” Kobang said to Vibe.

We caught up with Tate at his crib-which he rented for the weekend– in Atlanta for the A3C Music Festival. During the our discussion, Kobang gave us the scoop on his deal with Lyor Cohen’s 300 Ent, him being homeless, his musical aspirations and much more.