GGN News: Terrace Martin Catches Up With His Uncle Snoop

Grammy award winning artist and music producer, Terrace Martin, joined Snoop Dogg for the latest episode of Merry Jane’s GGN news. In signature fashion, the Dogfather started off by passing some pre-rolled herb over to Martin, right before discussing the soulful artist’s current project, “Velvet Portraits.” The album was released on April 1 of this year, and Snoop took no time to congratulate Martin for his progressive musical direction on the record.

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Terrace also listed his main influences in music as Miles Davis, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Snoop and many more. His West Coast cohort DJ Mustard also came up as a topic of conversation when Martin explained his appreciation for the man’s “musical genius.” Martin also talked about his critically acclaimed work on Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly”. King Kendrick was nominated for a total of eleven Grammys and Martin himself was nominated for five.

The interview ended like most GGN reports do when we found out what Martin’s cereal preference is and favorite part of a female. On the final note, we learn that Terrace doesn’t feel old in the game because he learns to adapt to the new sounds.