‘The Fresh Pack’ Offers Emerging Talent A Major Look


For the first annual #TheFreshPack showcase, VIBE teamed up with G&G Entertainment for a one of a kind experience at the 2016 A3C Festival in Atlanta. Our aim was to bring the brightest stars in rap and R&B to one of the hottest cities in music.

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Featuring the likes of Sonny Digital, Zoey Dollaz, TK Kravitz, MD Uno, Trae Da Kid and more, the event was well over capacity just an hour into the show. With our cameras rolling, we captured every minute of the action — including all the behind the scenes moments.

In a new mini series, viewers will get to witness what it’s like for an upcoming artist to put it all on the line for their chance to shine. We also took fans into one of Atlanta’s most historic recording studios — Patchwerk — for some history on how the A became synonymous with hip-hop.

The first teaser shows what VIBE and G&G accomplished for with the 2016 #TheFreshPack showcase. In the coming weeks, we will debut new episodes leading up to our next event.

Special thanks goes to Tito Chambers, Kevin Gripp, Brooks Brothers Media, Jim Beam, Millionaire Mike and the Music Room.

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