The Hamiltones Provide The Soundtrack To Trump’s “Grab ‘Em By The P***Y”

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The controversy surrounding Donald Trump has reached a new high ever since The Washington Post leaked footage of him from a 2005 interview with Billy Bush, then of Access Hollywood, claiming he would “grab them (women) by the p***y.” And while the GOP candidate has apologized for what he deems “locker room talk,” it hasn’t stopped people from reacting, with many calling for him to withdraw from the race.

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Attempting to bring a ray of light to the dark, dreary election cycle, Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones in their own way endorsed Hillary Clinton and simultaneously created a jingle warning women not to vote for the 70 year old businessman.

Although the song is less than a minute long, it’s simple and proves to be ridiculously catchy. We’re pretty sure this one will rank high among all the other Hamiltones’ songs fans have grown to love.

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Check out their latest work below.