Meteorologist States Haiti’s Deforestation Is Due To Children Who ‘Eat The Trees’

A Weather Channel meteorologist is coming under major scrutiny for a controversial remark during a live weather report, Raw Story reports.

While discussing the impact of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall on Haiti early Tuesday morning (Oct. 4), meteorologist Jennifer Delgado panned to a look at the Caribbean country’s deforestation, which she states might pose a threat to the island more than their neighbors of the Dominican Republic.

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“They take all the trees down, they burn the trees,” Delgado states before blurting out a comment that has native Haitians calling for her resignation. “Even the kids there, they’re so hungry they actually eat the trees.”

Since then, an apology has been issued by the Weather Channel’s president, David Clark after a viewer expressed her disdain on social media. “We are terribly sorry for an on air error and are taking measures to correct it,” he said in an email to the viewer.

The deforestation could be attributed to cutting down the trees for fuel in order to cook food. Efforts have been made to plant certain areas of Haiti with trees in order to replenish the land.

View the entire clip below.