THEY. Come Alive On Their New Song “Rather Die”


Only a year following their debut EP, Nu Religion, THEY. is back again with a new jam. The dynamic duo recently dropped their new single, “Rather Die,” and despite the title, the track is nothing short of an electrifying hit.

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“Rather Die” takes influences from particular guitar chords in Nirvana’s “Polly,” adding soothing vocals to the strong instrumentals. The tracks sings about the desire to die rather than miss out on experiencing all the wonders of life. “I’d rather die Than wonder why I never tried / I wanna dive into the fire / Been waiting to feel like I’m alive,” THEY. sings.

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“[We’ve] always felt that it’s important for an artist to pay tribute to what first inspired you. We were vibing out on guitar and started playing Polly,” THEY. said of taking influences from from other genres. “It’s just one of those riffs that hits you from the first moment you hear it. before we knew it we have our own song to it.”

The group also revealed that music execs told them to go in a different direction with the sound, but they ultimately chose what was best for them and their fans. “All the business people begged us to change it but we couldn’t bring ourselves to change it. we did what was best for the song and our fans,  just let it be what it was intended to be, two guys vibing to one of their favorite riffs of all time.”

Listen to THEY’s “Rather Die” below.

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