Trick Daddy Tells Black Women To “Tighten Up” Before Spanish And White Women Make Them “Useless”

Trick Daddy aimed a nonsensical rant at black women Tuesday (Oct. 25), and was quickly reminded that his opinion is null and void.

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For reasons unknown to everyone, Trick called for “black hoes”  to “tighten up,” or face the clearly terrible consequence of losing out in an imaginary race for superiority.

“These Spanish, these white hoes…they done started getting finer than a motherf*cka,’” he declared in an Instagram video.

“Ya’ll black hoes betta’ tighten up, ” Trick warned. “I’m telling you. tighten up, ya’ll doin all that extra sh*t for nothin,’ you not achieving nothin’ b*tch.”

In case you’re wondering, “extra sh*t” refers to copious amounts of money that black women apparently blow on butt and breast enhancement surgeries (and expensive makeup jobs), “just to go to a local club.”

Lastly, according to Trick — if Spanish and white women learn how to fry chicken, the “black hoes” will officially be “useless.”

Peep the foolishness below, and hit the gallery for Twitter reactions.

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Y’all black girl better tighten up ..

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