Troy Ave Is “Barely Getting By” After Jail Release, Says Lawyer

Troy Ave is “barely getting by,” after being freed on $500,000 bail over the summer. Due to the terms of his release, Ave is restricted from performing in nightclubs or bars, and leaving New York City’s five boroughs, which is having a damaging effect on his pockets.

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Following his May arrest for a fatal shooting NYC’s Irving Plaza, Ave has cancelled dozens of shows, costing him tens of thousands of dollars.

His lawyer explained the financial situation to DNA Info on Friday (Oct. 14). “He’s barely getting by,” said John Stella. “Touring is what drives everything else, and it’s hard to release music if he can’t promote it with live performances.”

Stella has filed documents to potentially loosen the legal restraints, but it’ll be about a month until he hears back, as the judge has to review additional evidence in the case before deciding on the latest motion.

Ideally, Stella would like the terms of Ave’s bail release to mirror that of Rick Ross. “Just like Rick Ross, Troy should be given the ability to work and provide for his family,” he said.

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The Brooklyn native pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and criminal weapons possession stemming from the shooting that left him injured along with an innocent bystander. The single fatality in the shooting was Ave’s friend and bodyguard, 33-year-old Ronald McPhatter.

In August, the 30-year-old rapper filed a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and Live Nation accusing the companies of failing to provide proper security at the time of the incident.


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