Tupac’s Personal Bible Could Be Yours For $54K

Another piece of Tupac memorabilia could be yours — for the right price. The deceased rap legend’s signed Bible has a $54,000 sales tag, courtesy of the memorabilia company Moments in Time.

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Pac used said Bible during the nine months that he spent at the Clinton Correction Facility on sexual assault charges in 1995. Besides a signature, the Bible comes complete with his inmate identification number.

Moments in Time received the Bible from one of Pac’s family members, but the auction isn’t tied to his estate, TMZ reports. However, the family will reportedly receive most of the money from the sale.

Additional Pac belongings that have gone up for sale recently, include a handwritten letter to his high-school girlfriend.

See photos of the Bible and Pac signature below.

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CREDIT: Moments in Time
CREDIT: Moments in Time


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