Tupac’s Recognizable Medallion Is Reportedly Up For Sale

If you know the various rifts in hip hop, then you know about Biggie Smalls and Tupac’s history. Two years before his death, Pac was the reported target of a shooting during one of his visits to New York, and it was said to be the start of the legendary beef. Now, the medallion he had on at that time is being sold for a total of $125,000.

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Since Tupac’s return to the media for his 20th anniversary of his passing, a lot of his possessions have popped up on auction websites. Most recently we’ve seen a signed Bible that accompanied the late rapper while he was in prison in 1995 at Clinton Correctional Facility.

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The medallion is being sold through Moments In Time, but according to the rapper’s estate, they strongly advise against selling the piece. They informed TMZ that no one, including Pac’s relatives, are allowed to sell his personal items. The item was up for sale on the Moments In Time site. His estate has warned sellers and buyers that there will be legal action against them.

CREDIT: Moments In Time