Take A Walk Through “UPTOP! UPTOP!” With Philly-Native Kur

“All my life, I heard lions roaring. But I ain’t never run, I was never scared ‘cuz I’m lionhearted.”

This line from Kur’s 2013 track, “Lionhearted” ideally explains how he approaches his career. Hailing in from Uptown Philly, Kur has received nods from the likes of fellow Philly native, Meek Mill as well as Timbaland and Pusha-T.

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In Kur’s world, his focus remains on himself and Philly. He’s even been influenced by some of Philly’s finest–State Property, Meek –in addition to a host of other greats including Lauryn Hill, OutKast, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne. This sense of identity to the culture, Philly and himself as an artist, paired with his torpedo-speed verses, brought him to this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards’ Cypher alongside Young M.A. and Dave East. 

The visuals for his latest single tell what “every day around [his] way,” looks like as he takes us on tour around his beloved hood, Uptown. 

The portrayal of him grinding through all the chaos represents Kur as an artist. He makes it clearly known that he’s the King of “Jungle” and leader of his pack as a few Uptown boys rally behind him throughout the video. Given the recent rumbles in the city, it’s time for the newcomer to rise above the ranks. 

Check out the spirited rapper in his new video, “UPTOP! UPTOP!”, above.

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