Militia Members Arrested For Terror Plot Targeting Somali Muslims

The FBI thwarted a group of men planning a deadly attack against a Somali immigrant community in Kanas on Friday (Oct. 14)

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CBS News reports the Curtis Wayne Allen, 49; Patrick Eugene Stein, 47; and Gavin Wayne Wright, 49, belonged to a small militia group called “the Crusaders.” During an eight-month investigation through a paid informant, the FBI went “deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence,” as the men referred to Somali immigrants as “cockroaches.”

The right-wing group planned to bomb a mosque that sat in Garden City apartments, home to 120 Somali immigrants, after Election Day to “wake people up.” The western Kanas town of 26,000 people is home to 300 to 500 Somali residents. Agents uncovered the men would meet at Wright’s trailer park business to discuss their plans. For their Garden City plot, the men discussed an idea to plant vehicle-filled bombs around the compound and blow them up using a cell phone device.

“The only f***ing way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherf*****,” Stein said during a conference call. “Unless a lot more people in this country wake up and smell the f***ing coffee and decide they want this country back … we might be too late, if they do wake up … I think we can get it done. But it ain’t going to be nothing nice about it.”

In addition to a manifesto, the men would proudly share posts from conspiracy and parody websites that shared anti-Muslin rhetoric. All three men were charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. If convicted, they can face life in prison.

Their first court appearance is scheduled for Monday (Oct. 17).


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