Will Smith Meets Love, Death And Time In Trailer For “Collateral Beauty”

Will Smith plucks at the heart strings of moviegoers, and simultaneously inspires them to think and question in the trailer for his new film Collateral Beauty.

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Sporting salt-and-pepper hair and a beard, the Academy-Award nominee plays Howard, a grief-stricken man who is now just a shell of a his former self. Described in the film by co-star Kate Winslet as a brilliant, creative charismatic man, Howard has found a bit of solace while writing letters to time, love and death but is shocked when he comes face-to-face with their physical personifications.

Donning a cobalt blue coat, Dame Helen Mirren begins the peculiar encounters when she introduces herself  as death. Howard immediately shuns the idea and walks away. Jacob Latimore plays a younger version of  Howard and is thus time, while Pirates of The Caribbean star Kiera Knightly is love.

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The Concussion star may not be concerned with Oscar buzz anymore in his career, but Collateral Beauty looks like it may be the film that finally earns Smith his gold statue. Check out the trailer below.