Wiz Khalifa And Conan O’Brien Got High And Played Video Games Together

On Conan O’Brien’s talk show segment “Clueless Gamer,” the late-night host brought on rapper Wiz Khalifa to teach him how to play the third-person shooter game, Gears Of War 4.

“This is one of the most intense, violent, brutal and disturbing games out there,” the comedian began with. “So I wanted to bring someone in who could help mellow out the vibe a little bit.”

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“I got a little bit of chill to give, man,” said the Taylor Gang MC, blunt clear in hand, while O’Brien looks on. Later on, Wiz says that he rolled one up for Conan, which at first he saves, but then he ends up lighting it after becoming bored with a gaming expert’s story about the game.

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Of course, hilarity ensues as the two start to play the game while high. Wiz complains about his gun being too big, Conan accidentally shoots Wiz’ player in the back of the head and they marvel at the graphics in the game, comparing the woods scene to a Bob Ross painting. Conan ends up getting so high that he eats a bowl of potato salad. It has to be seen to be believed.

Check it out below.