Wiz Khalifa’s Son Steals The Spotlight In Taylor Gang’s “Sleep At Night” Video


Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang have been quite busy performing on the road and promoting their new mixtape this year, so they can afford to dedicate a few hours to sleep for a change.

After spending their nights recording or performing on stages across the world, Wiz recharges at his home in Los Angeles along with Tuki Carter — and his son Sebastian in their latest visual for “Sleep At Night.”

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Tuki and Wiz unwind with an array of blunts as they sort through the Taylor Gang chief’s classic collection of clothes and cars. Baby Bash makes his cameo midway through the video when Wiz puts the weed away to take his 3-year-old outside to stunt on top of his dad’s vintage automobiles. We see Bash’s face light up once Wiz name-drops his mother Amber Rose as they turn up to Wiz and Tuki’s single, which appears on their mixtape TGOD Vol. 1.

Watch Bash steal the show in Wiz Khalifa and Tuki Carter’s video for “Sleep At Night” below.