2 Chainz Is "Countin" Up Like Money Grows On Trees

Tity Boi knows how to stack these coins. 

2 Chainz takes us shopping with his new video, “Countin.” The song is the lead single from Tit's latest mixtape Hibachi For Lunch which dropped on Oct. 27.

The ATL rapper proves that he can still hit the streets with what they crave even after gaining mucho commercial success. Prior to this tape, he hit us with Daniel Son Necklace in August.

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The video for “Countin” features 2 Chainz and friends on a shopping spree, popping bands and getting fresher than ever. He never fails to give fans something fun to vibe to.

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Premiere: Jordan Hollywood Goes To War In Visuals For "Explosion"

A war-torn forest reminiscent of 1969’s Vietnam War serves as the perfect backdrop for Jordan Hollywood’s video for “Explosion.” Through a montage of wild greenery, Jordan is seen dodging a rainstorm of fiery explosives. Amid the dangerous scenes, his lyrics tell a variety of sex-induced tales paired with braggadocious bars used to remind his rap contemporaries of his space in the game.

The 25-year-old newcomer, who is signed to Quality Control (Migos, City Girls, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty), centers on having his creative visual artistry merge with his lyrical prowess. For “Explosion,” he wanted to revert back to his old artistic roots.

“I’ve been using the same director, Christian Breslauer, since I was 17,” he told VIBE via email. “He did these war videos back then on a shi**y camera that still looked good. Fast forward to now, we were sitting at his house and I was like, 'Yo, remember those war videos you made back then? Let’s do something like that for “EXPLOSION.'”

The Broward County native credits his label for granting him artistic control to express himself how he deems necessary. He named his latest project FINALLY!  as an ode to feeling like he has creative control, and the agency to pursue his craft.

"I’m signed to the best label in the world, I have full creative control, and I have a platform now," he told Billboard. "Whatever vision I have, I can do it. That’s the best feeling. When I say 'finally,' that’s what I mean. To be an artist, not a lot of artists feel the way I feel. They feel controlled or manipulated by people telling them what to do all the time. With me, I feel like I’m in the perfect space and it’s an unbelievable feeling."

Watch the video for "EXPLOSION" below.

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Premiere: Paxquiao Showcases Lavish Lifestyle On "Neva Fallin" Featuring YFN Lucci

Newcomer Paxquiao is celebrating the candy coated luxurious trappings of being a rapper. There are numerous beautiful women around, money, cars and a bevy of other material things that come with having status and newfound wealth. In the video for his latest single “Neva Fallin,” he pays homage to his lavish lifestyle. YFN Lucci accompanies him  to drop fire verses at light bolting speed as puffs of marijuana clouds encircle their lyrical message.

In addition to this video, Paxquiao also dropped an album titled Dodgin The Raindrops, which is now available on multiple digital platforms.


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YEEESSSIIIRRSSKKEEEE❗️My MF Debut Album “Dodgin The Raindrops” is now out & available on all platforms! Link in my bio ⛈⛈⛈ let me kno wat yall think‼️THANK U TO EVERYBODY WHO BELIEVED‼️🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🖤🖤☔️☔️⛈⛈ #Paxquiao #DodginTheRaindrops (LET ME KNOW WHICH SONG YALL FAVORITE)

A post shared by paxquiao Pixasso🤞🏾🤧☔️⛈ (@paxquiao) on Jan 2, 2019 at 9:28pm PST

The 25 year-old rapper was born in Macon, Georgia but was raised in Clayton County to a single mother. Amid his many struggles growing up, he was able to transcend them and lend his musical talents on wax. Sadly, this isn’t the reality for most growing up under the same circumstances; Lucci echoes these sentiments.

“Even though I’m in the rap world, I still go home. All of my friends aren’t rich, so I know how they feel,” he told VIBE last year. “I went through it 23 years of my life, so I got a lot to talk about. But sometimes you get in there it may take a while because you don’t know how you want to come. You don’t want everything to sound the same. But other than that, it’s always something to talk about.”

Watch the video for "Neva Fallin" below.





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H.E.R. Gets "Carried Away" On 'The Late Late Show'

H.E.R. brought "Carried Away" to life on James Corden's Late Late Show Tuesday evening (Jan. 8).

Short for "Having Everything Revealed," the abbreviated singer took the audience by storm with the performance from her I Used to Know Her: Part 2 EP. Arriving with her signature hater blockers and acoustic guitar, the 21-year-old was accompanied by her five-piece band.

"Please/I never saw it coming/You wanna take me away/So please/Don't let it be for nothing before we get carried away," she harmonized with her background singers. Though this showcase lasted for a brief four minutes, H.E.R. managed to float around the stage displaying her vast knowledge of music.

Starting on the wooden guitar, the "Every Kind Of Way" singer/songwriter traded in the acoustic feel for a wooden electric bass, finishing with a keyboard performance. H.E.R.'s set breathed new life into the audience who marveled at the artistry of these black musicians.

TONIGHT on CBS @latelateshow such a pleasure!!!!!

A post shared by H.E.R. (@hermusicofficial) on Jan 8, 2019 at 8:46pm PST

Watch the full performance above and the short interview below.

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