ATCQ And Elliott Wilson Had The Ultimate Tribe Conversation


On Friday evening (Nov. 18), veteran hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson sat with the legendary rap crew A Tribe Called Quest for the latest edition of #CRWN. 

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Consequence, his son Caiden, Jarobi White, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip-gathered in front of a packed out Webster Hall in Manhattan for an in-depth interview about their first album in 18-years, We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic), which is currently the No. 1 hip-hop album on Billboard 200.

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The group spent much of night laughing at inside jokes, Q-Tip’s impressions of Busta Rhymes and Dave Chappelle were a riot. Tribe also praised their late brother Phife Dawg, who was immortalized on Saturday (Nov. 19) with Linden Boulevard co-named Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor Way in their Saint Albans ‘hood of Queens.

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VIBE was on sight at the event to take in the nostalgic chat. While there we gathered some memorable quotes as well as some history lessons from the interview.

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Puff Daddy’s No Way Out moved ATCQ to retire.
Q-Tip: When Puff went platinum with No Way Out that’s when we were like: “This might be it. That’s when we really realized that everything was changing.”

Q-Tip remembers when Phife Dawg telling him that they should rap.
“We used to watch the guys battle in Queens.  We were like 9-years old. And Phife was like: “We should rap.” Just like that (laughs). And we started writing. But we were serious with it.  We was 13-years old battling 17-year-old cats.”

Busta Rhymes received big brother love from ATCQ and remembers what “Scenario” did for his career.
“I’m the biggest Tribe fan in the planet. I’ve always wanted to be in the group. When I didn’t get the big brother love from Leaders–well from Charlie, I got it from Q-Tip. Then, Q-Tip got busy with making beats. So, when he wasn’t home. I’d go to Phife’s crib. When Phife wasn’t home, I’d go to Jarobi’s house. I told my Mom that she can quit her job after we did “Scenario.” After that, everybody wanted that dragon growl. They embraced me for who I’ve always been and they encourage that shit.”

Phife Dawg groomed Jarobi for the We Got It From Here… 
Jarobi: “I can’t even take credit. The comradery was at an all time high and Phife Dawg groomed me leading up to this. He stayed on me.”  Q-Tip added: “This incarnation of Tribe is divine order. It’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.”

Q-Tip on Phife Dawg giving his life to make We Got From Here….
“He literally gave his life to make this album. His battle with diabetes, him having to travel, and make accommodations and other commitments took a toll on him, so he literally gave his life to make this album.”

Old school rappers hating on new rappers is corny.
Busta Rhymes: Hating on these new rappers is corny. Because when we were young we needed the older generation to embrace us.

Q-Tip: It’s corny. Whether it’s a T.I. or Kodak Black, if you grip a mic, if you grip one of these (points to mic) you need to to be inspired.