Aaron Knight’s Debut EP ‘When It Gets Knight Out’ Is Worthy Of Your Attention

Aaron Knight’s ability to entice his growing fanbase has been working in his favor. At the end of Summer 16, the Queens rookie busted on to the scene and offered a refreshing approach to the new age of R&B. After he dubbed himself an “OG” in his own right, Knight proves his worthy with his debut EP and his brand new “OG” video.

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In the Chris Zino production, Knight takes us through his block in Sunnyside, Queens as he vibes with the real OGs in his neighborhood. As the glimpses of Manhattan interchanges between raw footage of the roughest areas of the neighborhood, Knight absorbs the gruff, yet inconspicuous attitude that comes from the streets while spiting bars over an upbeat fusion of trap and R&B. The lead single off his When It Gets Knight Out sets the pace for his other unique records like “Dinero” and “Okay.”

Stream Aaron Knight’s When It Gets Knight Out EP and watch his “OG” video below.