America Ferrera Is Proof That Post-Election Grief Is Real: “We Deserve To Mourn”


While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fought for the White House this election season, actress and activist America Ferrera emerged as a firm champion of the Latino vote.

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As a daughter of Honduran immigrants, Ferrera made it clear that she opposed the Republican nominee in light of his xenophobic campaign. “Donald’s not making America great again,” she asserted at the Democratic National Convention in July. “He’s making America hate again. And the vast majority of us, we cannot afford to see his vision of America come to be.”

Like many Americans driven to distress in light of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, Ferrera is in tears at the thought of what the next four years will look like. “The grief comes in waves. As if someone I loved died. I’ve never felt this brand of sadness before,” she wrote on Instagram on Thursday (Nov. 10). “If you cried all day- you are not alone. We deserve to mourn. Patiently waiting for the sadness to transform into something more useful.”

Within her message, which affirms there’s no shame in transparency at this time, is a subtle yet critical reminder that pain shouldn’t render us stagnant, but instead move us forward in the days ahead.

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