Man With Bank Of America Tattoo Gets Prison Sentence For Bank Fraud


The New York Daily News reported that a 21-year-old member of the Eight Trey Crips gang in NYC was sentenced to 33 months in prison for check and bank fraud. What makes everything more ironic is that he had the logo for the Bank of America- one of the places he allegedly cheated- tattooed on the inside of his left elbow.

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The bare chest of Gabriel Patterson, who is the son of a retired NYPD detective, was photographed for his sentencing papers, and cops were surprised to find a tattoo of the logo of one of the banks on his body. He pleaded guilty to copying the account and routing numbers off of checks.

“Indeed, he has even tattooed the logo of Bank of America, one of his victims, on the inside of his left elbow reflecting the pride he takes in his crimes,” said Allon Lifshitz, Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney. “The defendant’s commitment to bank fraud is extreme.” The tattoo of the bank’s logo is the only colored tattoo pictured in the police handout of his chest.

“He drafted bogus checks with the stolen numbers, deposited the checks, then withdrew cash against the fraudulent balance,” says the newspaper. Defense lawyer Mitchell Golub chalks the tattoo up to Patterson being an “immature kid,” and says that the court’s reasoning behind the tattoo is absurd.

Patterson wrote a letter to Federal Judge William Kuntz apologizing.

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“Being incarcerated in a 5-square-foot cell definitely shows me that I don’t want this for my future,” his letter said. He is one of 23 Crips members named as suspects in a federal racketeering indictment.