If President Obama Had To Compare The Election To A Reality Show, He Looks To VH1 For The Answer


It’s safe to say that the 2016 presidential election is best described as your guilty pleasure reality TV show, and President Barack Obama seems to agree.

While campaigning for Sen. Hillary Clinton at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina (Nov. 4), the leader of the free world remained very candid while sharing his views on this surreal presidential race, primarily taking aim at Donald Trump’s campaign.

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“You can’t have a president who every day, seems to violate those basic values. And the problem is that he’s done it so much that it’s become almost normal,” he said. “It’s like suddenly, reality TV has entered into the race for presidency. It’s not even Survivor or The Bachelorette. It’s like some Love & Hip Hop stuff. It’s just some stuff up until this election we would’ve said is completely disqualifying and yet somehow everybody has gotten accustomed to it, acting like it’s normal.”

During a sit-down with HBO’s Bill Maher, Obama also weighed in on the importance of casting your vote on Nov. 8, and not sitting this election out because of your indifference to the candidates.

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“Anyone who sits on the sidelines or makes a protest vote is a vote for Trump,” he said. “That would be badly damaging to this country, and damaging for the world.”