Billy Bob Thornton & Tony Cox Conjure Up A Master Plan In ‘Bad Santa 2′ Sneak Peek

Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox are up to no good again on the forthcoming hilarious flick, Bad Santa 2. You may remember the dynamic duo from 2003’s Bad Santa—yet this time around you can bet for sure Willie (Thorton) and Marcus (Cox) are getting sucked into some rather interesting shenanigans.

Their mission this time around is to infiltrate a non-profit organization, and steal all of their proceeds. In the process, you’ll witness all the mayhem these two get into along with Willie’s mom, Sunny (Kathy Bates). There’s lots of obscene language, and a slew of memorable clever one liners, which will have you giggling from ear to ear.

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Amid the mischief, there is some vulnerability here. Willie has a dysfunctional relationship with his mother, and suffers from abandonment issues. He also has a problem with getting attached to others.

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The film is set to drop nationwide on Nov. 23. Until then here’s an exclusive clip of Willie and Marcus discussing Willie’s new Illinois state ID. And of course, it’s part of their master plan. Watch the clip below.