Black Lives Matter Movement Releases Statement On Diligence After Donald Trump’s Election Win

The globe is still coming to terms with the fact that Donald Trump will be the United States’ 45th president. Throughout his campaign, certain statements have re-ignited racist altercations from his supporters, and following his election win, a slew of hate crimes have plagued the nation of verbal and physical attacks on minorities.

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To remain steadfast in response to Trump’s forthcoming presidency, the Black Lives Matter organization released a timely statement to .Mic on how they plan to continue to fight for their beliefs, beginning with civic engagement.

“Civic engagement is one way to engage democracy, and our lives don’t revolve around election cycles. We are obliged to earn the trust of future generations — to defend economic, social and political power for all people. We are confident that we have the commitment, the people power and the vision to organize our country into a safe place for black people — one that leads with inclusivity and a commitment to justice, not intimidation and fear.”

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On the subject of Trump’s white nationalist supporters, BLM states his time in the Oval Office will also place a lens on America’s deep-seated racism. “Donald Trump has promised more death, disenfranchisement and deportations,” the statement reads. “We believe him. The violence he will inflict in office, and the permission he gives for others to commit violence, is just beginning to emerge.”

In addition, the movement still promotes their peaceful stance and reiterated the meaning behind their org’s name. “We continue to operate from a place of love for our people and a deep yearning for real freedom. In our work, we center the most marginalized, and look to them for leadership. We fight for our collective liberation because we are clear that until black people are free, no one is free. We are committed to practicing empathy for one another in this struggle — but we do not and will not negotiate with racists, fascists or anyone who demands we compromise our existence.”

Read the full statement on here.