Cardi B Stars In ‘Being Mary Jane’ Season Four


Cardi B is now picking up an acting gig on the small screen. the part Dominican, part Trini rapper will reportedly appear on BET’s season four of Being Mary Jane at the top of the new year.

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The reality TV star, who has turned her social media presence into an emerging brand, will portray a woman named Mercedes, who is a “round-the-way beauty with a big weave, big boobs and a big booty to match her oversized, ratchet personality,” TVLine reports. Senator Cory Booker will also make a guest appearance alongside Cardi.

There has been some speculation about the success of the series’ fourth season, following news of leading actress Gabrielle Union’s million-dollar lawsuit against BET, in which she accused the network of “breach of contract.” But despite the scandal, BET announced the season opener would premiere in January 2017, as not to interfere with Cardi’s appearance on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York.

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The new role follows a lot of exciting news for The Bronx native. The artist recently dropped her Underestimated project in Sept. 2016, followed by a number of live performances and appearances.