Chance The Rapper To Host Free Concert In Order To Encourage Voting


With one of the most crucial elections in United States history right around the corner, it’s important to remember to vote in order to have your voice heard. Many musicians are making sure that all citizens are ready for the big day by holding concerts to encourage voting.

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Chance The Rapper and his non-profit organization Social Works will be the hosts of a free concert on the rooftop of the Virgin Hotel in Chicago on Monday, Nov. 7 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. The concert will have polling stations so that fans in attendance will be able to vote early for the presidential candidate of their choosing as well as for local and state officials. Chance’s brother Taylor Bennett, Eryn Allen Kane, oddCouple and more will perform, while Chance will be leading fans to stations to vote.

“This election is very important, a chance for new leaders and new opportunities to emerge,” said the musician in a statement. “SocialWorks and I are proud to partner with Virgin Hotels Chicago, Boost Your Voice and The TurboVote Challenge to give everyone a voice in the democratic process and encourage people to vote, both locally and nationally.”

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Chance has been making sure that his fans are ready for Election Day (Nov. 8). He’s offered voter registration stations at a few concerts during his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, and has partnered with the NAACP for his #StayWokeAndVote campaign to make sure that concertgoers have gone through the necessary steps to cast their ballot. Recently, the 23-year-old hosted a free town hall meeting with his nonprofit organization called “Flex Your Vote,” where they discussed the issues for state and local elections.