Childish Gambino Releases Beautiful Pent Up Emotion On New Single “Me And Your Mama”

Everything Donald Glover does is genre bending. Whether it be his hit FX show Atlanta that tackles issues of race, politics, mental health, relationships and the come-up, or his music, the 33-year-old multitalented artist is continuing his streak of abandoning rules to his new music.

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Providing a small reprieve from the reality of Trump’s presidency, Glover resurrected his musical alter ego Childish Gambino to deliver his latest song “Me and Your Mama” Thursday afternoon (Nov. 10)

What starts off as a sweet lullaby continues into a sonic dream sequence and the quickly morphs into an aggressive, yet melodic hard rock portion of the six-minute song. Gambino teeters the between singing and screaming passionately about being head over heels in love, wanting nothing more for his Juliet to let him into her heart.

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Along with blessing fans with music, the new dad also released the album art from his forthcoming project Awaken, My Love! out Dec. 2. Per the Internet, Gambino’s new work brought his A-Game once again.

Enough long talk. Listen to Childish Gambino’s “Me and Your Mama” below.