David Banner Thinks Donald Trump’s Win May Be The Best Thing For Black People

While many Americans are still in disbelief that Donald Trump is the president elect, David Banner isn’t too concerned about a Trump presidency.

In a Facebook live, broadcast  the impassioned rapper, producer and activist spoke to his network of nearly one million and said Trump being in the White House just might be what the black community needs.

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“This may be the best thing to ever happen to black people, maybe in history because now there’s no excuse and I’m starting with me” Banner said.”People look to me as a leader in so many cases. I try to push it off like ‘Nah, I’m just a humble servant’ but the truth is I am a leader and I have to become more prepared, be more prepared to speak on our behalf.”

The Mississippi rapper said it didn’t matter which way the election went, whether Clinton or Trump became president, Banner thinks the black community would’ve had the same problems. Point blankly, the 42-year-old rapper told the black community not to “freak out” but instead use this time to organize.

“As a people we need to become more prepared. We need to start today. What’s going to happen in our local elections next time? We’re going to have to educate ourselves. We’re going to have to prepare ballots. We may even have to go as far as creating our own third party. People are always scared about what will happen tomorrow but that’s not what I fear. I fear what can possibly happen–or I’m excited about what could possibly happen in the near future.”

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Watch the 12 minute Facebook live to hear a few more suggestions Banner has for the black community in wake of Trump’s presidential win.