Premiere: Deniro Farrar Takes A Political Stance In Light Of Police Brutality With “Classic Mouth”


Deniro Farrar recently released a powerful music video for his single “Classic Mouth,” commenting on the epidemic of police shootings of unarmed African-American men in America. And it’s safe to say he didn’t hold anything back.

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The new video captures Deniro running from the authorities through a vacant train lot. Although he appears to avoid the police at first, he’s caught soon after and ultimately shot down. The remainder of the video follows the story lines of other young black and brown men who are unfortunately affected by the justice system.

The graphic, yet compelling visuals are also matched with bold lyrics. “So we ride just to fall / shoot us down while we crawl / Throw us up against the wall / because they don’t give a f**k about you, and they don’t give a f**k about me / So it’s f* the police,” he raps.

In a statement following the video’s release, Deniro revealed he filmed the video following the death of Dequan Antonio Westbrook, a North Carolina rapper who was shot by police in Dec. 2015.

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“December 24, 2015, a rapper from my city by the name of Daquan Antonio Westbrook aka Lil Donky was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer,” the rapper stated in an email to VIBE. “I made this video a few weeks before he was killed. I sent it to him and he told me how real it was. Little did he or myself know that this video would be telling his story. But he’s not the only one.”

He also commented on the countless killings that have occurred all around the nation. “It’s been so many police officers wrongfully killing our people for centuries,” he added. “My brother and videographer James Rico wrote the treatment with that in mind. We just wanted to shed light on what’s taking place in our community.  It’s not a black or white thing, just a wrong and right thing.”

Check out Deniro Farrar’s video for “Classic Mouth” below.