‘Destiny’ Gives You An Uncensored Look At Princess Nokia’s Rap Persona


In a brightly-hued cellar filled with close friends and artists alike at the Elvis Guesthouse in the Lower East Side, FADER hosts a screening of Destiny, a new documentary that follows a day in the life of Bronx representer and Afro-Boricua rapper, Princess Nokia.

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Directed by Orian Barki, the film takes us on a journey through Nokia’s performances and day-to-day grind, during which we learn at length about her love for the city and the sacrifices she’s had to make being an independent artist.

As the film is set to play and the dance party settles, Nokia—born Destiny Nicole Frasqueri—breaks down the filming process. “She’s a woman, I’m a woman, and we’re both artists doing what we love to do,” she says to the crowd, describing her relationship with Barki.

In the film, Nokia is getting ready to soon drop a new LP as she sits on a stoop and explains what gave birth to her artistry. She then goes on to talk about her work process and greatest muses: the streets of New York City.

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Her unapologetic rap character, dressed up as the Princess Nokia we’re getting to know, makes her a free spirit when creating. She explains that because we live in a largely patriarchal world, she chooses not to follow any norms—therefore, ridding herself of any boundaries when at work with her art. And she remains true to her politics for herself and for women like her, who aren’t concerned with societal expectations.

Nokia released a solo project titled Metallic Butterfly (a collaborative effort between her and studio wunderkind, OWWWLS) and is readying another project. As we patiently wait for new music, get better acquainted with the alt hip-hop bruja when Destiny drops this Tuesday (Nov. 29).