DMX Runs Through The Classics At NYC Show

DMX gave fans a hit of hip-hop nostalgia during his pre-Thanksgiving show at B.B. King’s in New York City Wednesday (Nov. 23).  Before he took the stage, M.O.P.’s “Ante Up”spilled out of the speakers, and the bass rippling through the venue during Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear,” built the anticipation leading up to X’s entrance.

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The artists that preceded X’s performance, which included Quadir Latif, 1 Shot Dealz and Hocus 45th, embodied a cross between hip-hop’s old and new school.

After 1 Shot Dealz, the Ruff Ryder crew (finally) released the dog–and nothing could hold the crowd back.

DJ Nonstop led the audience into a call-in-response chant of “champ”  as he called out “grand,” before X came out from backstage and jumped into a performance of “We Right Here.”

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After two songs, the veteran rapper took off his shades, hat, and red and white splattered jacket to really get into the show.

Amidst dropping knowledge between sets, along with his signature growls, X gifted a fan celebrating her birthday with the sweaty tank top off his back and stopped to take selfies with concertgoers.

The 45-year-old rapper had the crowd turnt’ with all of his classics ranging from “Where The Hood At?” to “Party Up (Up In Here).” At one point, he jumped on top of what appeared to be a table to give the crowd a better view,  and even dropped down on stage and knocked out some push ups in, mid-performance.

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Later in the show, X paid homage to his fallen crew member, Kato, donning a  T-shirt with his name (which was off by the end of the show).

On a more serious note, X expressed his disdain toward award shows declaring, “F**k a statue the only reward that matters is the ones we can’t carry away in our hands.”

He also let the crowd know how serious he takes his craft. “I believe in the power we have in the spoken word,” declared the Yonkers native. “I don’t waste words.”

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But the most memorable moment had to be in the thick of performing his outro of the vulnerable “Slippin’” single where he asked the crew to turn off the lights and requested the crowd aluminate the room with anything from cell phones to lighters.

To close, X recited a prayer. “Devil, I rebuke you! And ensure that I was heard, ‘cuz no matter what I been through, I could deal with it,” he said. “And because of what I went through, I was still fitted, with the armor that comes with the blood of Jesus knowing evil nor suffering receives us…no matter where you at, He will find you and help you put the negative behind you. Lord, give me a sign! Please let me know you’re here. Or at least let me know that you’re near… and give us the strength to make it through just one more day. In Jesus’s mighty name we pray, Amen.”

Watch DMX  lead the audience in prayer in the video below.

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