Severe Flooding Leaves Dominican Republic In State Of Emergency

The Dominican Republic has declared a state of emergency after severe flooding in the country’s northern region displaced over 20,000 people from their homes.

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According to BBC, President Danilo Medina extended the state of emergency to eight provinces last week when floods impacted more than 4,000 homes and destroyed at least 50 completely. The military has since rescued 13 people left stranded in Los Naranjos, and many Dominicans living on hills and near rivers have taken precaution of landslides and flash flood warnings by opting to stay with family and friends until instructed otherwise.

Aside from homes, approximately 50 road infrastructures, including bridges and sewage systems, have incurred serious damages. On Saturday (Nov. 19) Dominican Today reported that while Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo is ready to launch reconstruction efforts, severe weather continues to prevent repairs. The estimated cost to repair all damages on the island stands at a minimum of RD $5 billion.

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In the effort to support the Dominican Republic at this time, the New York Dominican Officers Organization is hosting a collection drive in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx scheduled to end on Tuesday (Nov. 22).

CREDIT: New York Dominican Officers Organization