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Dress Code: '47 Goes Beyond The World of Trendy Dad Caps

The spotlight is on '47 for 'Dress Code,' VIBE's fashion and style series test driving rising brands from an every day life point of view. 

‘Dress Code’ is VIBE’s fashion and style series, where were we test drive rising brands from an every day life point of view.

'47 SAYS

Headwear Design Director: Bob Morgan

Happy Customers: Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, Emily Ratajkowski, Flosstradamus

On '47’s Humble Beginnings: '47 was started by twin brothers, Arthur and Henry D’Angelo, back in 1947. They started selling newspapers and pennants next to Fenway Park, and with the help of their four sons grew the wholesale business, which was known then as Twins Enterprises. There’s a lot of headwear-making experience in this building.

On The Design Process: The design team and I are constantly researching trends in the U.S. and abroad. We search for new fabrics and constantly look at new fits and trends. We take a lot of inspiration from people wearing '47 whether at a game or a show. I love seeing the ways that different people can take the same cap and wear it in a totally different way that suits their individual style.

Their Uniqueness In The Marketplace: '47 is a head-to-toe sports lifestyle brand. The fact that we make everything from hats to apparel and socks is our biggest difference. In regards to hats, we have the best fitting caps made with quality fabrics, and our embroidered logos look unbelievable.

How The Designer Wears '47: I love the versatility that our caps provide. I can dress them down on the weekend while working around the house, or dress it up for a night out. And of course I always grab my cap on the way to Fenway Park.

Favorite Item In Current Collection: I personally love the '47 CLEAN UP, especially the mesh backed styles.


Ashley Monaé, Writer:
Let's face it: Dad hats are trending and have been since smooth R&B crooner Bryson Tiller magically appeared with his rounded brim hat tilted low. And as most trends do, they've trickled down to the masses, but they aren't anything new for your average sports fan. Myself however, not well-versed in pretty much any athletic sport, can still appreciate the what '47 brings to the marketplace: great fitting caps made with quality fabrics that can add some flair to your most casual ensemble with ease.

On a normal day, I'm usually in the most comfortable duds I can find in my closet. So, whether that be Vans and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or spiffy taffeta pants and a hoodie, I champion comfort above all. Both hats I'm seen wearing compliment the outfit I chose to rock that day, and I'm certain they'll come in handy as a true savior on those inevitable bad hair days.

Stacy-Ann Ellis, Assistant Editor:
It's not too often that I wear snug headwear because, big hair. But when I do, the easiest and most trendy grab-and-go topper is the baseball cap. Or the Bryson Tiller hat or dad hat, if you ask the trendy kids. Either way, they're hot for a reason. The colorway and texture options are endless, but dad hats never come of as over the top, instead adding an instant casual and normcore spin on any 'fit. Because of this, '47 fits snugly into any style equation.

The Boston-based athletic-wear brand got their kickoff in the headwear arena, offering a dizzying assortment of hat styles for whatever American teams you can drum up, whether collegiate or professional in baseball, basketball, hockey, football and beyond. Hats aren't their only specialty in 2016, though. No matter where you fall on the sports fanatic totem pole, there's a little something for everyone. From tees, tanks, pullovers, sweatpants, jerseys, jackets and socks, the possibilities are endless for game days and then some.

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To celebrate this spirit of all-around change, T.J. Maxx’s The Maxx You Project partnered with singer Lance Bass, stylist/model/author Africa Miranda and body-positive model/wellness entrepreneur Danika Brysha for The Changing Room. Miranda and Brysha will spend hour-long sessions with 98 contest winners across the U.S. and provide them with styling and life coach sessions that will help them embrace their individuality and myriad life changes. These personalized in-store experiences, which officially kicked off on Sept. 19, will travel to T.J. Maxx’s in seven cities—Chicago, Nashville, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Minneapolis.

“As your life changes, there are literally new clothes that you need to wear to walk into new rooms,” Miranda says. “To be able to now partner with them for The Maxx You Project and to go on this tour to help women tell a new story in their lives through clothing, for me, is really special. Really helping women look at their lives, look at the clothing that they currently have and really ask themselves, what is this new space that I'm walking into? What's the new story that I want to tell?”


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It’s almost time for us to hit the road for the @tjmaxx in-store Changing Room experience. We’re going from city to city, to help you embrace big life changes. Enter for a chance to win an exclusive style session with @africamiranda and a personalized life coach session with yours truly. Applications close on Friday 9/13 so enter today at maxxyouproject.com. We’ll be stopping in Chicago, Nashville, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. I would love to see you there! . . #ad #maxxyouproject

A post shared by Lifestyle Design + Self Care (@danikabrysha) on Sep 8, 2019 at 12:22pm PDT

Essentially, shopping for the new phases in our lives can not only be a fun activity but one that functions as an act of self-care if done right. Buying new things (and ridding yourself of old ones that no longer serve you) parallel the act of recalibrating our minds to be in line with new goals.

“For me and my personal journey, I struggled a lot with food and self-worth. I lived in my parents' garage for a couple of years, was six figures in debt as I tried to build a business, and I changed really small habits. Most of it is mindset. It's affirmations, it's gratitude, it's just changing how I approach the world. And I slowly but surely rebuilt this life of my dreams.”

Here, Miranda and Brysha give a five tip sample of how to do just that as you rebuild your sartorial story for fall.


Africa Miranda: Shopping For Your Story

Tip 1: Dressing for Real Days

A lot of people have clothes for their dream day, but they don't have clothes for their actual day. That used to be my issue. I would tell people if you call me to get on a private jet, I had an outfit. [It’s getting] women to understand, what's your actual lifestyle? Then within that, getting the staples and things that they need, but in an elevated way. We talk about a trench or a little back dress, but do you just need a basic simple one or can you get something in an unexpected print or texture? Different things that elevate the experience for yourself, and getting women to look at what they need but also push the envelope within their lifestyle and still have things that when you put it on your body, you're like, okay, I'm creating a moment. Versus just putting on clothes. Women are constantly changing. We're going from daughters to mothers to getting married to getting divorced to new jobs. We're constantly having all of these experiences and you should have the clothing that helps you do that.

Tip 2: How Not to Hoard 101

This is the thing about hoarding — a lot of it is getting to the root of why you're holding onto clothing. I used to do that for a long time and what I realized was that I felt like I needed to look into an overflowing closet because that meant that I was successful. But all it meant was that I had things that didn't necessarily fit or were even great quality. Or there were things that maybe I had splurged on, but then I felt guilty about it so I didn't wear it. I want women to walk away with clothing that they love, not that they might love a year from now if they fit. No, because all you're doing then is every time you put it on, then it's almost like you're telling yourself, I'm doing something wrong. Every time you put on some clothes, you should feel that you're doing something right. I don't care if it costs $6 or would cost $600, I have to love it, so that way every time I put it on, I know it serves a purpose. I know I feel good in it. Then it has a home in my closet, and then when it no longer makes me feel that way, then it's time to put it back out into the universe.

Tip 3: Shop With A Vision

I do think you need to have some sort of plan or guide in place, whether you've worked on a vision board or a style board. I don't like to go grocery shopping without a list. I don't like to go shopping for the sake of, "let me just go buy stuff." Because I think when you do that, you're just buying things without a purpose and then there's no connection in your wardrobe, right. There's no clear story. There's a chapter here, a photo [there]. The idea is to create a full story for yourself so that you know that these pieces work together.


Danika Brysha: Life Change Begins In The Mind

Tip 4: Make Change Your Friend

As women, we're overwhelmed. And oftentimes, what we do is try and change things, then we fail because we over-commit, and life is really busy, and then we feel shameful, and it's this vicious cycle. We already are hard enough on ourselves as it is. So I love that the Maxx You project is all about embracing change. We're always changing. We're always innovating and giving ourselves permission for those waves of life because they're going to happen anyway.

Tip 5: Actively Work Backwards Towards Your Goals

One of the things that I've been working with the women on is to choose two words that you want to embrace, right? Oftentimes when we go towards change or we go towards our goals, it's because we think that it will make us feel a certain way when we achieve that. We think of a fancy sports car. Why do I want that? It's because I want to feel important, successful, whatever. So if you actually work that backward and you decide, I want to feel important and successful, you can work backward and find other ways to achieve those feelings that aren't necessarily getting the fancy sports car.

So what we can do is take those words and back up five years. Because what happens is if we find that in our life now, then it exponentially comes more into our life. A lot of times people are like, “we'll all be happy when…” You get happy first, and then the thing happens. We have a lot of it backward. So we're going to create a two minute morning routine because what I find is that people have dreams and goals and you have all these things you want to do, but we don't create an action plan. If there's no action plan or accountability, then nothing happens. So we take the two words and every single day, you're going to pick one-minute tasks for each that you could do every day that could bring you closer to those words that day.

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Delta To Relaunch SkyMiles American Express Cards With More Perks For All

Business owners and consumers alike will soon be able to reap even more benefits from the Delta Skymiles American Express Card. Beginning January 30, 2020, cardholders will be able to earn more miles on everyday purchases and access more travel perks.

The relaunched American Express Card portfolio will include 4 tiers of card options for consumers (Delta SkyMiles® Blue American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card, and Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card) and 3 tiers of options for business owners (Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business American Express Card, and Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card).

“We’re constantly listening to our customers and spent the last year digging deep on what they expect from an industry-leading Card. The result is a diverse portfolio of redesigned Cards that will deliver rich rewards and benefits that give travelers unmatched options that fit their lifestyle needs,” said Sandeep Dube, Delta’s Senior Vice President – Customer Engagement & Loyalty, and CEO – Delta Vacations. “Each Card is tailored to what our customers have told us is most important to them – ranging from ways to earn even more miles to travel perks along the way.”

Some new perks for consumers and business owners include earning 2 times the miles for purchases at restaurants and supermarkets, no transaction fees, earn 3 times the miles for airfare and hotel bookings, access to complimentary upgrades and more.

“This is a powerful expression of the backing we provide to our shared customers. We listened to their needs and made exciting changes to the Cards that give them greater value across the board,” said Eva Reda, Executive Vice President, Global Consumer Partnerships, American Express. “With lots of perks that elevate your travel experience, double and triple miles on spending where it counts and so much built-in value, it really pays to have our Delta Cards.”

To learn more about the new perks and their limited time offer (ending on October 31, 2019), visit news.delta.com.

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Gucci Mane Stars In New Gucci Ad For Its 'Cruise20' Collection

After sharing the name with the company his entire life, rapper Gucci Mane has been picked up by Gucci to appear in an ad campaign.

On Tuesday (Oct. 1), Gucci Mane took to his Instagram account to announce that he is the new representation of Gucci's Cruise20 Collection. The 39-year-old rapper posted a gallery of photos shot by Harmony Korine. The gallery includes images of Gucci fully dressed in a pool, another of him showing off his muscles with '70s-inspired clothing, while another shows Gucci playing a piano.

"Proud to announce my #GucciCruise20 Collection with @gucci!!! Yo @alessandro_michele this collection is crazy ! #HarmonyKorine dope visuals! #ComeAsYouAre_RSVP campaign for the #GucciCruise20 Collection ITS GUCCI!!!!!!!!!!!!," La Flare wrote in the caption


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Guccimane aka #BigGucci Guwop @gucci @alessandro_michele #ComeAsYouAre_RSVP campaign for the #GucciCruise20 collection

A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on Oct 1, 2019 at 4:19pm PDT

There's no official word on when the apparel when hit stores.

The Gucci campaign also included a surprise advertisement-- another Gucci Mane project. The veteran MC unveiled the cover art of his upcoming album Woptober II, which is also featured in the Gucci campaign. The first Woptober was released in 2016. His last project was this past Delusions of Grandeur, released in June.

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