Did Eric B. And Rakim Endorse Donald Trump Then Change Their Minds?

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Strange things are happening. Election Day is only two days away, and as most of hip hop, continues to rally behind the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, legendary duo Eric B and Rakim might have announced they’re leaning towards another candidate. The group  recently shared a message endorsing Donald Trump on Twitter on Nov. 5.

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“Hillary ain’t speaking the truth. Trump is a business man,” they posted in a now deleted tweet (the announcement was deleted shortly after 9:00a.m.) The possible endorsement was also attached to an image that resembled Trump’s campaign poster. But instead of its usual wording it read: “The Hood for Trump Pence.”  They also suggested Eric should take a political position in the White House if Trump is elected. “What America needs is @EricB in the Presidential Cabinet as the Secretary of,” they continued.

The questionable endorsement comes only a short while after the group announced that they would be returning to the spotlight with an epic reunion tour. During that Twitter announcement, the men commented on the election, but suggested they felt neither candidate was qualified to be elected as president. “Forget about @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton. Vote Eric B for President again,” they tweeted on Oct. 15.

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Since the tweet has been stripped from their social account, it’s possible the endorsement was just a hoax. But joke or not, fans are not here for the games and have expressed their disappointment, anger, and confusion on Twitter.