Fetty Wap And Monty Join Forces On “Sh*t I Like”


The turnt-up duo of Fetty Wap and Monty have been taking turns going ham on each other’s tracks for the Zoo-Thousand-Sixteen, and have been staying consistent with it. Now, Monty hops on Fetty Wap’s new banger, “Sh*t I Like”.

The Zoo Gang general gives us a litty presentation about all of the wonderful things he likes, such as stacking hunnids, stuntin on haters, diamonds and big chains. He swerves with the ladies in his foreign car while smoking and sippin’ good, and most importantly, to see all of his close friends being as rich as possible. That’s what matters the most isn’t it?

He also gives a nod to his well-publicized and recently released musical influence, Gucci Mane rappin.’ “I’m so icey just like Guwop that’s the sh*t I like.” Fans would think that the two would have a project together by now, by who knows what the future has in store.

His long awaited sophomore album, King Zoo will be coming out soon. Until then, enjoy this lituation.