Fifi Rong Reminds Us To Keep Our Dreams Alive With “Future Never Comes”

To really put everything on the line and pursue your dreams takes serious guts. And often enough, the hardest fight is overcoming the doubt and fear of the potential outcome — after all you could fail. Very few people know how it feels to face adversity like Fifi Rong.

London’s rising singer/producer has finally released the visuals to her beautifully crafted deep cut, “Future Never Comes”. This groovy single is her latest release is from critically acclaimed EP Forbidden Desire.

The song, paired with the equally eclectic video is a dreamy ode to following your dreams despite any fear or reservations. Fifi proves herself to be a captivating artist as she sings with such rich melodies.

Visually, “Future Never Comes” is an alluring work of art with its kaleidoscope-like scenery into space and the world beyond. The song perfectly fits with its glossy and imaginative visual counterpart.

According to Fifi, who has also collaborated with Skepta on his Konnichi Wa album earlier this year, she considers the very personal “Future Never Comes” as one of the best songs she has ever created.

“Future Never Comes is by far the most epic-sounding track I’ve made, with a lyrical theme going back to my initial breakthrough of the fear for pursuing my dream and answering my calling,” she says. “Making this track as a collaboration feels like taking a glorious vacation away from being immersed building my own island.”

Fifi continues to elaborate on “Tomorrow Never Comes” by describing the inspiration behind the alluring record.

“The song is talking about the time of breakthrough of my fear, and doubts of pursuing my dreams. And to be alive in the present because future never comes,” she explains in an email to VIBE.

Rong has worked with a variety of talented artists and producers across the U.K. such as Skepta, Tricky, and producer Lee Slater. And for the good folks in London, you are especially in for a treat as she will be performing at the Century Club.