Florida Man Reportedly Bites Hole In A Woman’s Chin After She Refused His Sexual Advances

Nicardo Nicholas Satahoo faces aggravated battery and a restraining order violation after he reportedly bit a hole into a woman’s chin, AJC reports. The unidentified victim declined Satahoo’s sexual advances twice, which led him to physically assault the 29-year-old.

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The woman was familiar with Satahoo, but filed a restraining order against him stemming back to Jan. 1. She also told authorities they were planning to restart their relationship, but throughout their troubled romance, Satahoo, 32, had a rap sheet of domestic violence that sparked when the victim would refuse to have sex with him.

Since Jan. 2011, Satahoo has been detained four times for counts of aggravated assault or battery. The news site states one of those arrests resulted from an assault on a pregnant woman.

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At Boca Raton Regional Hospital, doctors recommended plastic surgery for the victim “to avoid permanent disfigurement.” NBC Miami reports a “dime-sized chunk” of her chin has been detached.