Fox Anchor Jeanine Pirro Tells ‘Hamilton’ Cast To ‘Stick To Hip Hop & Dancing’


Everyone is interested in lecturing the Broadway cast of Hamilton, who addressed vice president-elect Mike Pence over the weekend on the subject of equality. One of them happened to be Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro who threw a few insults at the group, telling them to stick to “hip-hop and dancing around the stage.”

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On Saturday (Nov. 19), Pirro slammed the group on her show, ‘Justice with Jeanine Pirro’ during the segment “Opening Statement.” Replying to Brandon Victor Dixon’s words towards Pence, Pirro questioned his actions and wondered why the same speech on accountability wasn’t said to other political figures like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton when they visited the show. “Last night violates everything you say you stand for,” Pirro said. “That big tent, inclusive broad-minded acceptance of everyone, even people who don’t look or act like you. What happened to your old ‘love trumps hate’ line? You’re all damn hypocrites!”

Calling Dixon’s words an attack, she went on to advise the cast to ignore politics and stick to entertainment.“Maybe you want to dance about Hamilton, why not dance about that!” Pirro continued. “And I’ve got news for you. Don’t lecture this man. You [may] know a little about hip hop and dancing around a stage.” With Hamilton being a play about politics, that might be difficult to ignore.

Meanwhile, Pence took to CBS’ “Face the Nation,” on Sunday (Nov. 20) to say he wasn’t offended by the cast’s comments, unlike President-elect Donald Trump who demanded the cast to apologize.

There’s also the ironic series of events that have transpired since Friday evening. Trump supporters have promised to boycott the show, despite it being booked to capacity until 2018. The hashtag continued to flourish as conservatives tweeted their insults to @HamiltonTheater, a mainstay in Hamilton, Ontario instead of the official ‘Hamilton’ musical account. “If we helped take any of the heat off our friends on Broadway, we’re here to help,” Rianne Leonard told CBC about the funny blunder. “They had an opportunity to have their voice heard by someone who is very high up in their government,” she said. “I think it would’ve been a missed opportunity if not.”

Check out Pirro’s comments, in full, below.

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