‘Insecure’s’ Yvonne Orji Talks Being A Virgin At 32, Bullying & Nigerian Culture

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Actress Yvonne Orji gives sprinkles of faith and pivotal insight in her latest interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

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Orji, known for her role as the crazy, sexy, cool Molly from the hit series Insecure, shared with the group her experiences with show creator Isaa Rae, her Nigerian background and dating as a 32-year-old virgin. The interview kicks off with Orji quickly addressing her virginity in a proud manner. After she had the opportunity to attend George Washington University at the age of 17, her plans for love changed. “Personally, I had plans to have sex when I turned 18,” she said. “I was dating [dude] and I had it figured out. But, I got to college at 17 in D.C and then I got saved.”

The actress says she’s not afraid letting people know, pointing out that her religion, spirituality and faith are all connected. “It comes out, I don’t hide it. The same way people know they’ve had a one-night stand, you can say that so I can this.”

Growing up with Nigerian parents, Orji says she was encouraged to follow her scholarly duties. While she went on to obtain her bachelor’s and master degrees (clap for this woman), she almost let bullies get the best of her. After speaking to her mom at 12, Orji learned to ignore the haters. “My mom would say ‘Friends? Are you getting A’s? That’s all you need, they’re just jealous of you,'” she said. “‘One day, they’re going to work for you.’ So one day, I just came out and said it. Not only did I get clowned for it, but I went home and told my mom it didn’t work [Laughs].”

“For me, I just stuck to school. I thought you can’t be bullied and dumb, so books and I will be friends.” Orji added her road to Hollywood came when she heard from the God to make people laugh through comedy.

In the end, Orji is the real victor in every sense of the word.

Check out the full interview below.

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