Interview: Zendaya Shares The Low Down On ‘Daya By Zendaya’ Line


Zendaya is sharing a few gifts with us in the form of one of her most prized passions–fashion.

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The triple-threat (and then some) simultaneously launched her website for her clothing line, Daya By Zendaya accompanied by pop-up shop locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles over the weekend (November 5). Since the “Something New” singer portrays her advocacy for self-love and inclusion on a daily basis through all her endeavors, there’s no surprise that her new line reflects all that she stands for. Commenting that she has to “walk the walk” and not “just talk the talk,” the actress seeks to merge elements that were true to who she is, but also what the people would want and could afford.

Despite the young starlet’s impressive catalog including millions on top of millions of followers on her social media platforms, being featured in the visual version of Beyonce’s Lemonade, and traveling to Capri, Italy with Dolce & Gabbana, she was still anxious on the turnout for the pop-up shops.

It’s safe to say her fans came up and showed out:

Her apprehension was clearly unwarranted, but it stands as a testament to her pragmatism. In honor of the Urban Legend Collection’s launch of two new items, “Grommet” and “Vinyl” today (Nov. 11), we want to give you all a deeper look into everything Daya By Zendaya with a rundown by the woman herself.

Check out our convo with Zendaya, as well as her playing model to her stunning collection, in the gallery above.

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