Jay Z And Beyonce Take Center Stage For Hillary Clinton’s Cleveland Rally


Cleveland, Ohio was the center of attraction on Friday (Nov. 4) for thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters that attended her mega rally led by Jay Z, NBC reports.

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The Brooklynite performed a few of his hit songs, and was later joined by his internationally known wife, Beyonce. The Queen performed “Formation” alongside her dancers, and gave a moving speech that speaks to the current election of, possibly, the nation’s first woman president.

“There was a time when a woman’s opinion did not matter,” she said to a roaring crowd. “If you were black, white, Mexican, Asian, Muslim, educated, poor or rich. If you were a woman, it did not matter.” The “Daddy Lessons” artist continued to touch upon the strides women have made in the political arena. “Less than 100 years ago women didn’t have the right to vote. Look how far we’ve come from having no voice to being on the brink of making history, again, by electing the first woman president.”

Donald Trump’s name surfaced during Jay’s mini-speech, telling the crowd, “this other guy … I don’t have any ill will towards him, but his conversation is divisive and that’s not an evolved soul to me, so he cannot be my president. He cannot be our president.”

Obviously, the Republican nominee had a quick retort to Clinton’s drafting of the Roc Nation leader, and said at a rally, “We don’t need Jay Z to fill up arenas. We do it the old fashioned way, folks, because you love what we’re saying and you want to make America great again. That’s about it.”

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