Twitter Is Already Gunning For Yeezy’s Presidential Run In 2020 After Trump Upset

After a shocking upset in the presidential elections by Donald Trump — a man with no political or military experience, Tuesday night (Nov. 8), many young voters are finding hope not in copping the next one-way ticket to Canada, but in Kanye West. Many took to Twitter to suggest that Kanye could actually run and win the U.S. presidential elections in 2020.

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“Clearly anything is possible.Kanye West could be president,” producer Sonny Digital tweeted after Trump was named president. Many others followed, endorsing the Chicago rapper. “Something tells me that Kanye West now has a pretty good chance of running for/winning the 2020 election,” another person chimed in. Kanye also seemed to keep the idea alive by posting an illustration of him sitting in the Oval with the hashtag #Kanye2020.

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If we all remember, Kanye semi-jokingly announced his bid for presidency at the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards during his rambling speech about making art for the kids. While his wife Kim Kardashian is still not taking him seriously, she’ll be shocked to see there’s a good portion of the millennial community who wouldn’t mind seeing Ye in the White House. After all, who actually needs experience anyway?