Kehlani Reveals The Name Of Her Debut Album ‘SWEETSEXYSAVAGE’

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Kehlani, our favorite tatted-up songstress has been in constant rotation since the moment we heard her voice. Her 2015 Grammy-nominated mixtape You Should Be Here, solidified her star status and we’ve been hooked on the Bay Area artist ever since.

K recently took to Twitter to offer fans some good news. While we don’t know when her full-length studio album will be released, Kehlani threw us all a bone by revealing its title, SweetSexySavage

A die-hard fan who didn’t seem to agree with the LP’s title received an assertive, yet polite lesson on the thought process behind the 21 year old’s decision.

Since You Should Be Here, Kehlani released a plethora of songs including Suicide Squad’s “Gangsta.” During a chat with Power 106’s ‘The Cruz Show’ Kehlani insisted that her debut album wasn’t a microwave process.

“This [album], I really took my time like, every song, I not only have to write really intensely, but I have to make sure that I push myself to get the sonics correctly,” she said.

SweetSexySavage should be on of 2017’s best.