Kevin McCall Accused Of Knocking A Woman’s Tooth Out

A woman has come forward accusing singer-songwriter Kevin McCall of assaulting her after a verbal confrontation gone awry.

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The woman who goes by the Instagram handle Simply_Dominique-J took to social media to show the aftermath of the alleged assault. According to the caption, Kevin McCall continuously beat the woman until she lost a tooth.

“He literally knocked me unconscious and continued to hit beat me until he saw blood. Why? Because he was being disrespectful, calling me a b*tch and I politely pulled over and asked him to apologize or get out of my car.”

The victim replaced her tooth and ended the caption by insinuating 31-year-old McCall will pay the fees incurred.

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“Two lacerations and my front tooth is missing all within an hour,” the victim wrote. “Kevin McCall is definitely paying for this.”

After McCall’s explosive social media feud with one-time friend and collaborator turned foe Chris Brown, the Watt’s native has kept a low profile on his social media, but did post this subliminal message.

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