Killer Mike Weighs In On Election, Speaks On Impact Of The White Working Class

In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential win, Killer Mike still continues to examine the United States’ political atmosphere. During a recent visit to The Real on Wednesday morning (Nov. 9), the Atlanta native gave his two cents on why he feels Hillary Clinton lost the election.

In a nutshell, the “Big Beast” rapper feels her defeat is a product of the angry, poor white working class who felt they were cheated off compensation from a Democratic government.

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“I think poor white people are mad because the system that promises you something based on that isn’t gonna ever give you that,” he said. “I knew people are mad. I knew that people are mad enough to do things that I hadn’t expected them to do. I saw people that looked like me and you saying they’re voting for Trump and that scared me.”

Killer Mike later mentioned that the Democratic party failed to deliver what they had promised for minorities in America. “We have been used by a party to the liberal side that—once in office—has not enacted policy that’s reflective of stuff that would bring our communities up. I think poor people got angry, and I think there just happened to be in this country more poor angry white people,” he continued.

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Additionally, he also compared our current racial divide to that of the people in Mississippi during slavery. “Simply because the imaginary line of race got put there and they could say I’m superior to this person, they never joined with the black worker and fought for better conditions for them all. They’ve voted for a party that use the illusion of patriotism, that use the illusion of military… to oppress them.”

Watch the full video below.