Killer Mike Clarifies Telling Black Voters To “Stay The F*ck Home”

In accordance with a significant portion of the nation’s population, Killer Mike isn’t thrilled about the two candidates that stand before us as nominees for this year’s presidential election.

The rapper took to Instagram Friday (Nov. 4) telling black voters to“stay the f**k home,”  if their needs are met.

“Black Voters in states like Georgia this is your chance to MAKE A DEMAND and have it met!,” he wrote with a list of demands. “Don’t remain a pasty and pet simply doing what u are told. Get something for your vote or stop complaining and accept your role as a [second] class citizen once and for all.”

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The comments from one half of the Run The Jewels duo could be misconstrued, especially considering provincial governments are already attempting to decrease accessibility to polls for minorities.

In Arizona,  for example, the Supreme Court recently allowed a “ballot collection” law to remain in tact, even though a majority of the state’s Democratic minorities rely on “neighbors and activists to collect and hand-deliver the ballots.”

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While Mike does shed light in the hashtags of his post about the importance of voting on local issues as well, his rallied confusion amongst fans on what exactly will be solved by black voters going silent for possibly one of the most crucial presidential elections of our time.

But Killer Mike headed back to the ‘Gram, today (Nov. 6) to clarify his statements.

“I will be voting locally, you should vote,” he said further explaining his stance. “I’m just saying when you vote ask for something back!”

Check out the full video below.

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