Haunting Graphic Traces African Roots In Latin American


According to Remezcla.com, a March study conducted by the Pew Research Center concluded that U.S. Afro-Latinos were more likely to identify as white than black. However, thanks to graphic information provided by Slate’s Andrew Kahn illustrating the slave trade from 1545 to 1860, it depicts the many African slaves headed toward Latin America rather than North America.

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The two-minute graphic suggests that millions were sent to Latin America, nearly 25 times the number of slaves that North America received. The graphic also included that the Caribbean and Brazil also trump the United States in terms of the number of slaves absorbed during the Trans-Atlantic trade. According to the article, only 388, 747 were sent to North America.

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“In fact, while the United States is usually the focus of the American slave trade, less than 4 percent of the 10 million slaves that reached the Western Hemisphere wound up there – Latin America received 25 times the number of slaves that the United States did,” wrote the site of its data.

Check out the animated graphic here.

CREDIT: PEW Research Center/ Remezcla