Concerns About Abortion The Reason Trump Won Latinos Over?


Democrats were against Trump for three reasons: abortion, school choice and jobs—according to NBC News. However, these are the same three reasons Latinos decided to vote for him on Election day (Nov. 8). Massey Villarreal, Texas businessman who was originally in support of Hillary Clinton, changed his mind on Election day when he got in the voting booth. He said despite Trump’s plan for a deportation task, he had to vote for the Republican candidate.

“I couldn’t give HRC my vote (because of) my religious Catholic views” [on abortion] said Villarreal. “I didn’t like my vote, he wasn’t my candidate, but I couldn’t vote Hillary.”

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Villarreal went on to express that he feels people are going to have to be the “voice of reason” in the Republican administration and have to help “make the decisions.” Helen Aguirre Ferré, who turned from a Trump critic to a Trump supporter, is in favor of the future President’s plan for the country: 

What needs to be understood is that Hispanics who voted for Trump were very American in their decision. They were concerned about school choice, the Supreme Court and ending abortions. They also agreed with him on immigration reform.

The exact percentage of Latinos votes for Trump are still unclear, but according to Pew Research Center’s National Survey of Latino voters, it is found 19 percent of Latino voters were in support of Trump. Ferré said the campaign’s exit polls showed that in Florida the campaign had 34 percent of the Latino vote, 38 percent in North Carolina, 32 percent in New Mexico and 27 percent in Nevada.

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However, most of the support reportedly came from those who oppose abortion. An increasing amount of Hispanics are becoming Christian evangelicals, which is why they are strongly against abortion. Jacob Monty, who is of Mexican heritage and is an immigration lawyer, expressed to NBC News that he thinks Trump will do a good job as POTUS.

I think he’s going to be a good president for Latinos , I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president.