Lil Wayne Cancels Performance At Curacao’s SummerFall Concert

Lil Wayne didn’t perform as scheduled Saturday night (Nov. 27) at Curacao’s SummerFall Concert and according to the show’s organizers the reason why Weezy didn’t hit the stage is because he experienced a seizure. However, TMZ reports Lil Wayne didn’t perform due to a business issue.

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“The one thing we know—Wayne won’t be performing,” TMZ reports. “Wayne’s people will only tell TMZ he’s not showing up because of a ‘breach of contract.”

A breach of contract is the last thing Wayne wants to entertain as his legal woes with one time friend and mentor Birdman is still underway. However, Wayne has experienced several seizures in the past. The one that received the most attention was in June 2013 while aboard his private jet, which resulted in the pilot having to make an emergency landing.

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Lil Wayne not performing was no doubt a bummer for fans, but other acts including Fat Joe and Yo Gotti hit the stage.