Director Simone Shepherd Uses The Mannequin Challenge To Depict Police Brutality

For the most part, the #MannequinChallenge has showcases jovial stories of everyday actions. Whether it be students changing classes and the hustle and bustle of what happens in the hallway, or summer fun at a pool party, the #MannequinChallenge has proven to be another way to flex creativity and humor on the Internet. However, in the wake of Trump’s election win, a new video incorporating the viral challenge depicts police brutality.

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In a minute-long clip that has been shared across the Internet, actress, writer and director Simone Shepherd teamed up with a few talented actors to demonstrate what happens when African-Americans are stopped by police in what should normally be considered routine traffic stops or interactions.

Appropriatley titled #BlackAndBlue, the clip recreated the fatal encounters of Philando Catille, Sandra Bland, and Alton Sterling while also paying homage to Trayvon Martin, Colin Kaepernick and the countless black men and women who have protested the unjustified killings of their lives and countless other unarmed African-Americans.

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Watch the powerful video below.